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New Brunswick

New Brunswick was the first province to join the Flood Damage Reduction Program signing General, Mapping and Studies Agreements in March 1976. The 1 in a 100 year flood was used to delineate and designate flood plains in 13 areas.

A sub-agreement on structural controls centred on building sea dykes in the Petitcodiac area. A separate agreement was negotiated with the federal and provincial governments and the city of Saint John for flood control in the Marsh Creek area. Each party assumed one third of the costs. The works included channel improvements, improvements to outlet control structures, the construction of a reservoir and the reconstruction of a bridge.

A studies agreement funded ice research on the Restigouche River and the international section of the Saint John River.

A sub-agreement on flood forecasting helped the province establish a flood forecasting centre for the Saint John River, including the required technology development and transfer. The River Forecast Centre (RFC), located in Fredericton, forecasts river levels along the Saint John River and its main tributaries below Fredericton where the major flood damages are experienced in the province. The RFC provides this service during the spring freshet as well as during flood events following heavy rainfall. The flood forecasting agreement also provided for the setting up of a flood warning system, manned by volunteers and municipal staff, for the Kennebecasis River.


Is your property in an area that is subject of recurrent and severe flooding?

If your community is listed below, it is in a "Designated" area. Provide the designation name to the contact when requesting a flood risk map.

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Designated areas as subject to recurrent and severe flooding
ApohaquiNortonDesignated 1985-05-14 
ApohaquiSussexDesignated 1982-09-13 
AtholvilleWalker BrookInterim designation 1986-03-25 
BabbitOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
BarkerLower Fredericton–Lower LincolnDesignated 1982-02-25 
Barkers PointFrederictonDesignated 1980-02-15 
BlackvilleSouthwest Miramichi RiverInterim designation 1996-10-17 
BoiestownSouthwest Miramichi RiverInterim designation 1996-10-17 
Bonny RiverMagaguadavic RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
Burpees CornerOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
BurtonOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
CampbelltonWalker BrookInterim designation 1986-03-2548 00 / 66 40
CanalMagaguadavic RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
Clarks CornerOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Covered BridgeNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
CoytownOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Cross Creek StationNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
DoaktownSouthwest Miramichi RiverInterim designation 1996-10-17 
Douglas HarbourOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-3146 33 / 66 08
Dunbar FallsNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
Durham BridgeNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
FrederictonNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
FrederictonFrederictonDesignated 1980-02-1545 58 / 66 39
Frosty HallowMagaguadavic RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
GagetownOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Garden CreekFrederictonDesignated 1980-02-15 
GoanOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
JemsegOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
JuniperSouthwest Miramichi RiverInterim designation 1996-10-17 
KeswickKeswickDesignated 1983-03-0346 00 / 66 50
Lakeview CornerOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
LincolnLower Fredericton–Lower LincolnDesignated 1982-02-25 
Lower BurtonOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Lower JemsegOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Lower LincolnLower Fredericton–Lower LincolnDesignated 1982-02-25 
Lower St. MarysLower Fredericton–Lower LincolnDesignated 1982-02-25 
Lower MaugervilleLower Fredericton–Lower LincolnDesignated 1982-02-2545 54 / 66 32
ManzerNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
Maquapit LakeOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
MarysvilleFrederictonDesignated 1980-02-15 
MaugervilleOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
McCullySussexDesignated 1982-09-13 
McGowans CornerOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Mill CoveOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Mill RoadOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Miramichi (Chatham, Newcastle)Lower Miramichi RiverInterim designation 1995-02-28 
NashwaakNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
Nashwaak BridgeNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
NashwaaksisFrederictonDesignated 1980-02-15 
NewtonSussexDesignated 1982-09-13 
NortonNortonDesignated 1985-05-1445 38 / 65 42
OromoctoOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-3145 51 / 66 29
Oromocto FallsLower Fredericton–Lower LincolnDesignated 1982-02-25 
PenniacNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
PenobsquisSussexDesignated 1982-09-13 
Perth / AndoverPerth / AndoverDesignated 1980-02-1546 45 / 67 42
Pleasant ValleyNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
PlumweseepSussexDesignated 1982-09-13 
Princess ParkOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Randall CornerOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
RenousSouthwest Miramichi RiverInterim designation 1996-10-17 
RiverbankNortonDesignated 1985-05-14 
RockvilleSussexDesignated 1982-09-13 
RossNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
SackvilleSackville RegionInterim designation 1992-09-3045 54 / 64 22
ScotchtownOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
ScovilOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Second FallsMagaguadavic RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
SheffieldOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Smiths CreekSussexDesignated 1982-09-13 
St. GeorgeMagaguadavic RiverInterim designation 1992-09-3045 08 / 66 50
StanleyNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
SunnysideOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
SussexSussexDesignated 1982-09-1345 43 / 65 31
Sussex CornerSussexDesignated 1982-09-13 
Sutherland SidingNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
Swan CreekOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Tay MouthNashwaak RiverInterim designation 1992-09-3046 11 / 66 37
Upper GagetownOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
Upper KeswickKeswickDesignated 1983-03-03 
WaterboroughOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
West SackvilleMagaguadavic RiverInterim designation 1992-09-30 
White CoveOromocto–Lower JemsegDesignated 1981-03-31 
ZealandKeswickDesignated 1983-03-03 

Program Information

To obtain a map, contact:

Environmental Management
New Brunswick Department of Environment 
Marysville Place – P.O. Box 6000
20 McGloin Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick  E3A 5T8
Tel.: 506-453-2690
Fax: 506-457-7333
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For more information, contact:

Federal government

Sustainable Water Management
Environmental Stewardship Branch
Environment Canada
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0H3
Fax: 819-994-0237

Provincial government

Environmental Management
New Brunswick Department of Environment 
Marysville Place – P.O. Box 6000
20 McGloin Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick  E3A 5T8
Tel.: 506-453-2690
Fax: 506-457-7333
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