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Information about transporting hazardous waste and hazardous recyclable material through Canada or through another country from Canada

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Who can apply

Canadians and non-Canadians may apply for a permit to transport hazardous wastes (HW) and hazardous recyclable material (HRM) through Canada when in transit to another country, and through a foreign country when in transit between two Canadian facilities.

Submission requirements

  • Submit the notice form, which addresses all requirements under Section 8 of the Regulations.
  • The Notice must identify only one shipping facility as the Consignor, and one receiving facility as the Consignee. If the receiving facility is not performing the final disposal or recycling operation, any other authorized facility that will perform the final operation must be listed.
  • The Notice may include both hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclables.
  • Several types of hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclables may be listed.
  • Wastes and recyclables must be properly identified using the Waste Classification User Guide.
  • Insurance company name and policy number.

Roles and responsibilities of permit holders

The applicant is responsible for applying for the permit, and for ensuring fulfilment of all terms of the permit while the HW or HRM are in Canada. A copy of the transit permit and a copy of the movement document must accompany each shipment, and be provided to the customs office at the ports of entry and exit.

Roles and responsibilities of carriers/haulers

Carriers are responsible for ensuring the following:

  • A properly completed movement document with reference number accompanies the shipment while it transits Canada
  • A copy of the movement document is sent to the Minister within 3 working days of the shipment leaving Canada

Section 37 of the Regulations require liability insurance to ensure that resources are available to provide a timely and appropriate means of dealing with an accident or other incident that may occur. Insurance may also be required by foreign governments/authorities--this should be confirmed prior to submitting a Notice. Do not submit copies of insurance policies unless they are required by the authorities of the foreign country(ies).

Coverage must include:

  • any damages to third parties for which the exporter, importer or authorized carrier is responsible, and
  • any costs imposed by law on the exporter, importer or authorized carrier to clean up releases to the environment

The amount of liability insurance required for each shipment is:

  • at least $5,000,000 for hazardous waste
  • at least $1,000,000 for hazardous recyclable material and
  • for authorized carriers, the amount required by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the HW or HRM are transported

Insurance must cover liability for the entire period during which the hazardous waste or hazardous recyclables are in Canada.


The e-Notification and Permitting system is unavailable for transit notifications at this time. Environment and Climate Change Canada is updating the notification software to enable this feature, and will inform users when it becomes available. All applications for transit permits should be submitted to one of the addresses below.

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