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Information about importing hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclable materials to Canada
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Who can apply

Applicants for a permit to import hazardous wastes (HW) or hazardous recyclable materials (HRM) must be a resident of Canada or, in the case of a corporation, have a place of business in Canada and must also:

  • be the owner or operator of a facility that will receive the HW or HRM, or
  • buy or sell HRM for the purposes of recycling in Canada

Submission requirements

  • Submit the notice form, which addresses all requirements under Section 8 of the Regulations.
  • The Notice must identify only one shipping facility in the country of origin as the Consignor, and one receiving facility in Canada as the Consignee. If the receiving facility is not performing the final disposal or recycling operation, any other authorized facility that will perform the final operation must be listed.
  • The Notice must address either wastes or recyclables, not both.
  • Different types of hazardous wastes or hazardous recyclables may be listed in a single Notice.
  • Wastes and recyclables must be properly identified using the Waste Classification User Guide.
  • Insurance company name and policy number.
  • A signed contract(s) between the importer, exporter and all authorized facilities must accompany the application.

Roles and responsibilities of permit holders

The Canadian importer is responsible for applying for the permit, and for ensuring fulfilment of all terms of the permit from the time the HW and HRM leave their place origin to the time they are recycled or disposed of in Canada.

If the HW or HRM cannot be disposed or recycled in accordance with the permit, the importer must inform the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada and ensure return to the country of origin or rerouting of the shipment to an authorized facility for disposal or recycling in Canada. Permit requirements are fulfilled only once confirmation of disposal or recycling is received from the importer/authorized facility or once the return has been completed.


The Regulations require a contract(s) to be signed among the Canadian importer, the foreign exporter and the authorized facilities that:

  • contains the same information and details regarding the HW or HRM, and the importer, exporter, authorized facilities as stated in the permit application
  • requires the foreign exporter to:
    • complete the movement document
    • provide a copy of the movement document and a copy of the import permit to the first authorized carrier prior to the shipment
    • provide a copy of the movement document to the importer once Parts A and B have been completed and the HW or HRM have been shipped, and
    • take all practicable measures to assist the Canadian importer to fulfil its obligations under the regulations.
  • requires the Canadian importer to take the following actions if the authorized facility cannot or refuses to manage the HW or HRM in accordance with the permit, or if the Minister does not accept the importation:
    • notify the Minister and the foreign exporter of the situation and the reason for it
    • if necessary, store the HW or HRM in an alternative authorized facility, and
    • within 90 days of notifying the Minister or another agreed upon period:
      • arrange to dispose or recycle the HW or HRM at an alternative facility in Canada, or
      • return the HW or HRM to the facility from which it was imported
    • obtain confirmation from the Minister that the alternative facility is an authorized facility prior to rerouting the hazardous wastes or recyclables
  • requires the Canadian importer to take the same actions identified above (except notifying the Minister) if the importation is refused at the border

Refer to paragraph 16(e) of the Regulations for detailed contract requirements, which reference paragraphs 16(o) and 16(p) for the clauses required to address the rerouting and return of hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclables.


Section 37 of the Regulations require liability insurance to ensure that resources are available to provide a timely and appropriate means of dealing with an accident or other incident that may occur. Insurance may also be required by foreign governments/authorities--this should be confirmed prior to submitting a Notice. Do not submit copies of insurance policies unless they are required by the authorities of the exporting country.

Coverage must include:

  • any damages to third parties for which the exporter, importer or authorized carrier is responsible, and
  • any costs imposed by law on the exporter, importer or authorized carrier to clean up releases to the environment

The amount of liability insurance required for each shipment is:

  • at least $5,000,000 for hazardous waste
  • at least $1,000,000 for hazardous recyclable material, and
  • for authorized carriers, the amount required by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the hazardous goods are transported

Insurance must cover liability from the time the HW or HRM enters Canada to the time an authorized facility in Canada accepts delivery of the HW or HRM, or to the time the hazardous waste or recyclables leave Canada for return to the country of export.

Use e-Notification

The e-Notification and Permitting system allows organizations and individuals to use a Government of Canada key (GCKey) to access information and submit applications and other documents using the ECCC Single Window Information Management system (SWIM.)

Once inside SWIM, you can access e-Notification to apply for permits under the Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclables Material Regulations (EIHWHRM).

To obtain a GCKey:

  • Go to Environment Canada’s Single Window web site
  • The first screen on the Single Window web site provides two options to sign in
  • Click on “Register for a new GCKey”
  • Follow the instructions on the screens
  • Once you have finished, press “Continue”. You are now logged into SWIM

Detailed instructions for using e-Notification can be found below and in the e-Notification user guide.

Step 1: Sign in to Environment Canada’s Single Window and Create Your Profiles

Step 2: Launch the Online Notification and Permit System

Step 3: Choose Option A or Option B for Submitting Your Notices

Step 4: Manage My Info

Step 5: Start New Single Notice

Step 6: Complete the Notice

Step 7: Submit the Notice

Step 8: Submitting a Bulk Upload

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